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Who Cares If There’s No Will?

Are you sure your loved one’s assets will pass along the way you think they will? Dominic’s family thought his assets would pass to them, too. Dominic had been married to Rose for most of their lives. They had no children. Dominic’s family was rather large. He had several siblings along with many nieces and

Young Families On Lockdown

You’re at home, and so are the kids. You’re out of work, or with any luck you’re working remotely. So is your spouse. So, are the kids. What if one of you gets sick? Do you self-isolate at home? Do self-isolate somewhere else? Will you be hospitalized? Either way, your spouse will take care of

Long Term Care Safe Harbor Through a Will

Almost everyone hears about “the five-year look-back” in Medicaid planning. A better kept secret is the Spousal Testamentary Trust Exception. What is a Spousal Testamentary Trust? Simply put, it’s a trust written inside your will solely for the benefit of your surviving spouse while she’s alive. So long as the trustee has absolute discretion to

Do I Really Need a Durable Power of Attorney?

A Durable Power of Attorney is allowable under Massachusetts law in an effort to ease the management of your assets in the event of your incapacity. Think about what your incapacity will look like and how it will affect your family. Have you become ill? Did you suffer a traumatic accident? Have you contracted an